What I do

Android Reverse Engineering

My most recent challenge (over 2 years by now, time flies!) is looking at Android from a completely different perspective. It's been challenging, but learning literally everyday!


I had this crazy dream of changing the world and I thought the best way I could do it was by getting people together to play sports. Didn't work out, but lessons were learned :)

Mobile Development

Even though I come from a technical background I have a deep passion for UI/UX, so working in mobile is for me the perfect combination between coding and having my work right on people's fingers.


It all started back in those endless summer months on primary school, racing against friends around the school yard. Today, besides riding my bike, I'm quite into urban mobility and how proper cycling infrastructure will improve cities in the future.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach me! Ideally online on LinkedIn, Twitter or Telegram, maybe on Instagram or Messenger, and heck, why not on Facebook or Email.