What I do


I have this crazy dream of changing the world and I thought the best way I could do it was by getting people together to play sports. 2020 is trying to disagree with me on this, but lucky for you, I welcome the challenge!

Craft Beer

They say never visit the sausage factory, right? I went away and jumped headfirst into the sausage pool. It started as curiosity, but I ended up working on bootle shops, bars and festivals, launching a brand and a Youtube series


It all started back in those endless summer months on primary school, racing against friends around the school yard, but these days I'm quite interested in urban mobility and in how bikes will change city design in the future.

Food Tours

I love Lisbon and I had shown the city to friends for years, so when the oportunity came along, I took it! Working as an "entretainer" with a script walking the streets with an audience close behind was challeging, but kinda adictive!

Contact Me

Feel free to reach me! Ideally online, on Twitter or Telegram, maybe on Instagram or Messenger, and heck, why not on Facebook, LinkedIn or Email.